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1. A Consumer who entered into an agreement remotely may within 14 calendar days withdraw from said agreement without stating a cause and without incurring costs, with the exception of costs incurred in clause 8.8 of the Terms and Conditions. In order to meet the above deadline, it is sufficient to send the declaration of withdrawal before it expires. The withdrawal declaration may be submitted:
1.1. in writing at the address: Sudwa 17, 11-015 Olsztynek;
Strona 6 z 8
1.2. electronically via e-mail at the address:;
2. An example agreement withdrawal form template is included as appendix no. 2 to the Consumer Rights Act, additionally available in the pt. 11 of these Rules and Conditions and at the Online Store’s website in the bookmark about withdrawal from the agreement. The Consumer may use the template form, however it is not obligatory.
3. The course of the term to withdraw from the agreement begins:
3.1. for agreements in the performance of which the Seller releases the Product under obligation to transfer its ownership (e.g. Sales Agreement) – on the date of Product ownership acquisition by the Consumer or a specified third party other than a carrier, and in the case of an agreement which: (1) encompasses multiple Products which are delivered separately, in batches or in parts – on the date of the final Product, batch or part ownership acquisition, or (2) involves regular delivery of Products over a specified time – on the date of the first Product’s ownership acquisition;
3.2. for other agreements – on the agreement conclusion date.
4. In case of withdrawal from an agreement concluded remotely, the agreement is deemed null and void.
5. The Seller is obliged to immediately, no later than within 14 calendar days from the receipt date of the Consumer’s declaration of withdrawal from the agreement, to refund all payments issued by the Consumer, including the Product’s delivery costs (with the exception of additional costs associated with the method of delivery selected by the Customer other, than the least expensive regular method of delivery offered by the Online Store). The Seller issues the payment refund using the same method of payment used by the Consumer, unless the consumer has clearly consented to a different refund method which is not associated with any additional cost to the Consumer. If the Seller does not offer to reclaim the Product from the Consumer, the Seller may withhold payment of the refund until receipt of the returned Product or delivery of documented proof of a return delivery by the Consumer, whichever occurs first.
6. The Consumer shall without delay, no later than within 14 calendar days from the agreement withdrawal date, return the Product to the Seller or hand it over to a person authorized by the Seller, unless the Seller has offered to personally reclaim the Product. In order to meet the above deadline, it is sufficient to send the Product back before the deadline expires. A consumer may return the Product at the address: Sudwa 17, 11-015 Olsztynek.
7. The Consumer bears responsibility for degradation of a Product’s value as a result of its use beyond the scope necessary to determine the Product’s nature, features and functioning.
8. Possible costs associated with the Consumer’s withdrawal from the agreement payable by the Consumer:
8.1. If the consumer has selected a Product delivery method other than the least expensive regular delivery method offered by the Online Store, the Seller is not obliged to refund any additional costs incurred due to this fact to the consumer.
8.2. The Consumer bears the direct costs of Product return.
8.3. In the event of service Products, the provision of which – at the clear request of the Consumer – is commenced before the agreement withdrawal deadline, the Consumer exercising their right to withdraw from the agreement upon submission of such a request is obliged to pay for the services provided until the time of withdrawal from the agreement. The payment amount is calculated proportionally to the scope of services provided, taking into consideration the price or remuneration stipulated in the agreement. If the price or remuneration are in excess, the basis for calculating said amount is the market value of services rendered.
9. The right to withdraw from an agreement concluded remotely does not apply in the case of:
9.1. (1) agreements on rendering services, if the Seller has fully performed the service at the express consent of the consumer, who was informed prior to the commencement of services that the right to withdraw from the agreement shall be lost upon completion of the service by the Seller; (2) agreements in which the price or remuneration depends on fluctuations on the financial market, over which the Seller has no control and which may occur before the expiry of the agreement withdrawal term; (3) agreements in which the Product or service provided is not prefabricated, but is produced according to the consumer’s specifications or meant to satisfy the consumer’s custom needs; (4) agreements in which the provided Product is highly perishable or has a short use by period; (5) agreements regarding a Product delivered in a sealed package, which is impossible to return upon opening due to health safety or hygienic reasons, if the packaging was opened upon delivery; (6) agreements regarding Products which upon delivery, due to their nature, are inseparably connected to other items; (7) agreements concerning the delivery of alcoholic beverages, whose price was agreed upon during conclusion of the Sales Agreement and which can be delivered only after 30 days, and the value of which depends on market fluctuations, over which the Seller has no control; (8) agreements in which the consumer expressly requested the Seller to come to the consumer’s premises in order to carry out urgent repairs or maintenance; if the Seller additionally renders other services than those requested by the consumer or delivers Products other than replacement parts essential to carry out repairs or maintenance, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the Agreement in relation to the additional services or Products; (9) agreements relating to the provision of audio or video recordings or computer software delivered in sealed packaging, if the packaging was opened upon
Strona 7 z 8
delivery; (10) agreements regarding the delivery of daily journals, periodic journals or magazines, with the exception of subscription agreements; (11) agreements entered into by way of public auction; (12) agreements for the provision of services in the area of accommodation other than for residential purposes, transport of items, lease of vehicles, catering, services associated with leisure, entertainment, sports or cultural events, if the agreement specifies a date or period of service provision; (13) agreements regarding the delivery of digital content, which are not recorded on a physical carrier, if the performance of services was commenced with the express consent of the consumer before the expiry of the agreement withdrawal terms and after the consumer was previously informed by the Seller of the loss of rights to withdraw from the agreement.


Model withdrawal form
(This form must be completed and returned only if you fish to withdraw from the contract)

- Recipient:
Sudwa 17, 11-015 Olsztynek
- I/We (*) hereby inform of my/our withdrawal from the contract of sale of the following goods(*) contract for the supply of the following goods(*) contract for specific task consisting in making the following goods(*)/provision of the following services(* )

- Date of the contract(*)/reception(*)
- Name of consumer(s)
- Address of consumer(s)
- Signature of consumer(s) (only if this form is sent by letter)
- Date
(*) Delete as appropriate.

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