Kitesurfing is an extreme sport and the user of the equipment takes full responsibility for the consequences of using it.


Each new plank comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Each of our used boards (the top itself) can be replaced with a new one! For 50% of the catalog price of the full set (price from the website).

More information can be found HERE


Information and advice:

  • Clean the dirt with slightly aggressive substances, such as: soapy water, extraction gasoline.
  • Always clean the board thoroughly of sand, as you can rinse it in fresh water after swimming.
  • The board can fade when it is exposed to long harsh sun, so avoid keeping it in harsh sunlight when not swimming.
  • During transport, use a special cover or protect both surfaces of the board (e.g. with a towel)
  • Transport the board when disassembled (table top separately, accessories separately), we recommend that you have a box for fins and any screws to avoid losing small things, remember that FINYs are sharp and can easily puncture a fabric, bag or hand.
  • If you have a split board, remember that the screws connecting the platform with two parts of the board are shorter than the others, they should also be mounted using special washers provided in the set (therefore, the mentioned box-washer will be useful, it is easy to lose)
  • The handle screws are also shorter than the others
  • Always turn the board by hand using a star screwdriver with a Phillips tip PH 4 or 5, the use of any type of mechanical screwdriver or incorrect tips may damage the inserts or screws.
  • Before screwing the board, make sure that the threads are clean, especially free of sand and other small elements.
  • The screws must screw in all the way, with a slight resistance while screwing them in, only when they come to the end tighten them firmly pressing the screwdriver so as not to damage the grooves.

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