The Edge is an entirely new board from SU2. As ever with the well-established Polish brand, you can expect the aesthetics to be spot on and with the Edge they really are… There are few other brands who pay such attention to detail with their graphics and – for us – if a brand has really taken the time to get their graphics spot on then this generally also indicated that what goes on beneath the graphics has been well thought out too… Time to find out if that was the case with the Edge.

The board has a wood core which is strengthened with Kevlar and carbon layers to give additional stiffness and to maximise pop. The wood finish looks awesome and gives the board a premium feel but it is also practically a very sound choice and, combined with the carbon through the middle of the board, delivers a good combination of stiffness and vibration dampening. Rails are slim and the overall weight of the board is impressively low.

The straps and pads are good with plenty of adjustment options, and the board is also supplied with a handle (I know, you would expect this but there are several brands now who do not ship a handle as standard!). Through the base there are some channels to aid your upwind performance and the stock fins are good quality.

On the water and the SU2 is a super smooth and friendly board to ride. The wood core gives it a really nice smooth flex, but the carbon keeps it in check and prevents it from feeling too soft. It really cuts through chop and is a delight for cruising. So for freeride it ticks all of the right boxes. If you want to boost then the Edge has a lively amount of pop and for powered freestyle you can load it up nicely and feel that carbon coming back at you with interest…

In a sentence: If you are looking for a lively all-round board with freestyle potential then the Edge is a great choice – if ‘looking great’ is also high on your list then you need look no further.

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Marlit Mariusz Karażniewicz

Sudwa 17, 11-015 Olsztynek, Poland
NIP PL7391010330

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Marlit Mariusz Karaźniewicz
Sudwa 17 11-015 Olsztynek


Marlit Mariusz Karaźniewicz
Sudwa 17 11-015 Olsztynek
22 1020 3541 0000 5002 0013 8883

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